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Thermographic Imaging & Analysis

Thermal imaging enables the identification of hot or cold areas that may indicate equipment condition, process upset conditions, effects of operating practice or early warning of equipment failure. AluCellTech provides Thermographic Imaging & Analysis by trained & certified Thermographers.

AluCellTech can assist smelter technicians to use thermal imaging and how to use external potshell cooling fins and insulation blankets to treat hot or cold regions of a potshell.

Hot Stems & Clamps

Hot Stems & Clamps may indicate loose connections or poor stem cleanliness

Cold stem riser

Cold conductors may indicate a deteriorating splice connection

Hot cathode flex connectors

May indicate uneven current distribution or advanced wear on cathode

Anode cover

lack of anode cover may enable anode air burn to occur

Hot potshell sidewall & flexes

High temperatures may provide early warning of warn sidewall refractory and potshell wall failure

Pot underside temperature

Hot regions may indicate advanced cathode wear. Cold spots may indicate poor flex connection or excess frozen bath over cathode.

Infrared Thermography Certification

AluCellTech provides trained & certified thermographer services

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